Desktop Support.

Are you tired of calling your technical support line only to have your call transferred repeatedly? Or worse, left at the mercy of an answering service while you and your IT problem wait for a call back? Desktop Support services from CCS put an end to these expensive and agonizing scenarios. Our IT experts provide you with sound advice and technical support when you need it, and have years of industry experience to ensure prompt resolution of your issues.

  • Simple, reliable, and convenient technical support
  • Flexibility to support different types of organizations to ensure we meet all of your business needs
  • Knowledgeable IT experts who are always ready to assist
  • A single point of contact to eliminate the hassle and time spent hiring multiple technicians and contractors
  • A stress-free experience leveraging our seamless systems
  • Technicians who stay updated with information about your business in order to offer the best solutions

Backup And Recovery.

Your business’ data is what your company is built on. While the likelihood of theft, fire,lightning strike, or a server crash may seem small, it’s important not to overlook these factors that can leave your data compromised and cause your business significant downtime. With our backup and recovery solutions, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your critical data is safe and secure, and that you have effective recovery methods in place in any event.

  • Safe, streamlined data backup and recovery with secure data encryption to prevent unauthorized access
  • Data availability through secure storage solutions which eliminate a single point of failure in the data path
  • Complete solution of on-premise and cloud backup solutions
  • Increased productivity resulting from employees’ ability to access data from any location
  • Fast recovery of your data, with minimal downtime, allowing you to get back to overseeing your business
  • Simple administration of solutions that are easy to deploy and manage
  • 24/7 monitoring and support

Security Solutions.

Network security threats can be catastrophic to your systems. Our proactive approach shields your business from online threats and keeps your operations running smoothly. With businesses relying heavily on online platforms, companies are more prone to threats as a result of web browsing, email exchange, and even instant messaging.With our Security solutions, you can be assured that everything vital to your business is protected from these types of potential attacks.

  • Scanning for Trojans to ensure that your servers aren’t running illegitimate services
  • Vulnerability scans to identify weak points in your network and implementation of solutions to strengthen them
  • Email and spam protection to keep your inbox clean
  • Web filtering to prevent malware and online threats from accessing your computer
  • Application analysis to identify vulnerable versions that may be running on your servers